This is a sales process solution which has been developed by taking into account the needs and dynamics in the sector.

SmartSales becomes ready for use by integration to your core software and other systems, by a very short operation. Afterwards, you can start using the SmartSales from any computer (from tablet, desktop and notebook) which has an internet access and make your sales process more effective.

What you can do by the Smartsales:

  • Adding reference and appointment and tracking them
  • Adding the appointments to be added accurately through an option of address validation and tracking over the map.
  • Financial Planning Analysis and Product Calculations
  • Obtaining an application form through the system and transferring the information being obtained to the core system
  • Identity validation through central civil registration system
  • Signing the application by Picture Signature
  • Validation by SMS code
  • Instant medical assessment
  • Instant payment by a virtual POS
  • Issuing a policy instantly
  • Report pages to monitor whole of this process

If you want to take advantages of SmartSales,please you contact for demo and price quotes.