Süreç YönetimiIt is becoming inevitably difficult to apply and manage effectively the project and process management activities in the organizations which develop big and sophisticated products by using system and software engineering disciplines.

Besides, recently, the product development activities have been carried on in collaboration of different divisions of the organization in general.

Managing effectively such bigger structures requires defining and modeling the processes, enabling communication and collaboration between the employees, and automation of all possible administrative activities.

Right in this point, the business process management softwares help transmitting the existing business flows of the companies to an electronic medium and, thus, carrying, following and reporting such processes through the electronic medium. During this transmission, the business process softwares also help the process to gain a standard structure and to detect failures, if any, by modeling processes visually.

As a business partner of Emakin and Beinformed process platforms, TechSiN provides solutions for your needs in this field and offers you such platform to transfer your special business flows thereto, by helping you to choose the platform which fits your requirements and by using the process chosen.

In both platforms which we provide support;

  1. Modeling the processes visually and creating the algorithm of the process visually is possible,
  2. Your current system can be integrated easily with the advanced integration infrastructure,
  3. Defining your organizational structure flexibly is possible.

TechSiN serves you by designing the most sophisticated processes and by developing the applications for you, always with high performance software product choices and competent staffs.

If you want to take advantages of TechSiN with its expert staff,please you contact satis@techsin.com.tr for your demands and price quotes.