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Terraium is a dynamic, responsive and user friendly performance management software which allows you to calculate commissions and awards for your sales teams using campaigns and formulas that you defined.

Related units can easily and quickly determine commissions, awards and payments with the rules which they have defined in campaigns. They can calculate commissions and rewards according to the filters in the rules and they can also display various reports.

Thus, Terrarium helps develop competition on the basis of agents and consultants. It also creates an important potential for increasing sales on your company.

If you need a software which has simple interface, is able to integrate into other systems, is fast and secure, then Terrarium is precise for you.

In addition to all this, we will be pleased also to design any app unique to you to meet special requirements of your company, if any, in this respect.

If you want to take advantages of Terraium, please you contact satis@techsin.com.tr for demo and price quotes.